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Lodge Hen House

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The Lodge Hen House Coop is made from quality redwood, and is our largest, most sophisticated chicken coop.

Our chicken coops are delivered to your door as a panelized kit system, which can be easily assembled by anyone with basic carpentry skills.


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Product Description

The Lodge Hen House Coop is made from quality redwood, and is our largest chicken coop. This coop is versatile, strong and will compliment any home or garden. With the security features of the Lodge Hen House you can rest assured that your chickens are well taken care of and protected from any outside threats.

The Lodge Hen House is made out of reclaimed wood and is great for 10-12 large chickens.

Additional Information

Decorative Door

Star, Solid (Standard), Moon, Heart

Winter Kit

None ( Standard Hardware Cloth Floor + $0), Removable Solid Floor ( Optional: + $60)