trevor-hands1-1024x693Laughing Chicken coops are hand built in the Urban Garden Workshop, which specializes in high quality, ecologically sound backyard products. Garden products encompass a wide range of tools including chicken coops, hen houses, and other shelters for plants and animals. Our products are made with reused woods from discarded fences which we refinish, repair and rebuild into useful items. Our coops, raised beds, planter boxes and composters, are all constructed from reclaimed, urban salvage, & Forest Stewardship Council certified woods. Williams Sonoma Coops are a prime example of ecologically friendly materials being used in a beneficial way.

Our exceptional urban garden systems, are built by young carpenters and permaculture / urban gardening enthusiasts in a quirky industrial yard near Richardson Bay in Mill Valley, CA. Our team loves to work in the sunshine, while listening to rock and roll classics on the radio . Seven workshop chickens love milling around us each day, eating marsh grubs, and doing their hen thing, while we build some of the finest garden products in town. If you are in Marin and would like to drop by, please send us an email for shop directions.